Here are a few free resources regarding the importance of bike safe driving.

  • Bicycling was significantly up in 2020 and although it is down in cities, the expectation is that bike commuting will significantly increase when downtown employers start opening offices again.
  • King County Metro video on Bikes and Busses
  • San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority video on Urban Driving Safety
  • Estate of Dougherty v. WCA of Florida, LLC – This lawsuit resulted in a $20M verdict against a waste management company. The driver was found 80% responsible for the death of a 20 year old cyclist after taking a left turn and colliding with her as she was trying to get from the bike lane to the crosswalk. The truck driver failed to yield and failed to slow down as he executed his turn. It is almost certain that he was not specifically looking for cyclists in this situation.
  • Intersection turn collisions are one of the most common bike collisions and our training not only points out the need to be extra careful when turning, we teach drivers where they should expect cyclists and how to avoid collisions like this one.