At Bike Safe Drivers, we teach professional drivers how
to anticipate and avoid bike collisions.

Our training materials are based on the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Friendly Driver curricula and our co-founder David Allen is a League Certified Instructor. Over the last twenty years as both a car commuter and bike commuter, David understands bicyclists and can anticipate what they will do in many situations.

Our goal is to teach commercial drivers about the motivations and vulnerabilities of bicyclists so they are better equipped to avoid dangerous situations. Only then can your drivers learn to anticipate cyclist behavior and prevent costly collisions.

Bicyclists can be unpredictable and difficult to see. The numbers are clear. In the majority of collisions, the driver did not see the bicyclist. But that is often because the driver is not looking or anticipating where bicyclists will be. One study using eye tracking technology showed that more than 50% of drivers taking a right turn that crossed a bike lane did not look for bicyclists before turning. Our training is designed to give commercial drivers the tools to understand where to look for cyclists and anticipate what they will do in potentially dangerous situations. This builds the awareness and confidence of drivers who interact with cyclists, especially around downtown streets.