We train commercial drivers how to eliminate bike collisions.

We teach drivers the reasoning and motivations behind cyclist behavior.  It is only when they understand why cyclists make the decisions they do, that the driver can truly learn to anticipate their behavior on the street.

Bicycling is back

And when major companies start bringing the bulk of their employees back to the office, there will be more bikes than ever sharing the same city and suburban roads as commercial drivers.


At 40MPH or faster, hitting a cyclist will kill him/her 85% of the time. Even low speed impacts can severely injure the cyclist. Insurance for commercial fleets is already expensive and can be difficult to secure. Even one collision can make finding affordable insurance coverage much worse.

Understanding cyclists

General defensive driving education helps your drivers avoid dangerous situations. But what these courses rarely, if ever cover is understanding cyclists’ behavior. Frankly, people on bikes can seem erratic and unpredictable. This is because their experience on the roads is much different, so they often “drive” very differently.

We teach your drivers the cyclists’ perspective

This in turn makes it easier for your drivers to predict and identify potentially dangerous situations involving bikes, helping your drivers avoid bike collisions.

We also teach bike specific traffic laws and traffic lights as well as understanding green paint bike traffic indicators. We cover the most dangerous conflict zones such as intersections and transitions from bike lanes to bike sharrows. Finally, we present this material in a respectful and collaborative manner. After all, everyone shares one common goal…a safe trip.